#Inception Mentorship training_2019

2-days Mentorship trainings are intended to encourage the involvement of mentors in the project and prepare them for the mentor's responsibilities and to introduce the CREAzone methodology.

Join us and learn how to effectively mentor and manage work groups.

Training's Date: 5-6th October, 2019

Training's Venue: BEST BALTIC KAUNAS Hotel (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Mentorship Training's Topics
  • Introduction to the project CreaZone 2.0; 
  • Introduction to the mentoring;
  • Co-creating the relationship;
  • Effective communication. Becoming an active listener; 
  • Effective communication. Responding; 
  • Facilitating Learning and Results. Planning and goal setting;
  • Facilitating Learning and Results. Managing progress;
  • Revision of learned topics.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • know about project CREAzone 2.0 concepts and requirements;
  • understand basic mentoring concepts and methods;
  • understand the benefits and risks of mentoring;
  • learn how to build relationships with mentees grounded in trust;
  • know how to create realistic goals and expectations;
  • learn communicate effectively (adapt active listening and effective questioning);
  • set a good example as a mentor.

Detailed training's program: here.

More informacion: http://reinvent.creazone.lt/ / https://www.facebook.com/CreazoneReinvent/

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