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Creazone #reinvent Lithuania - Latvia | Design It

Creazone Reinvent "DESIGN IT" trainings are the 4th out of the 5 CREAzone #reinvent steps taking place in Lithuania and Latvia.

Participants will move to "DESIGN IT" step to create feasible business plans, learn from each other’s progress and get ready to present their business plans to potentials investors!


January 24-25th

February 7-8th

February 21-22nd

1st February

15th February


Where? Hotel BEST BALTIC KAUNAS, Address: A. Mickevičiaus st. 28, Kaunas 44311, Lithuania


1st topic. Business model generation 
LECTURER LAURA MAŽINTĖ - an expert in trade, marketing and product development fields, who has accumulated her more than 10 years’ experience not only at the major Lithuanian companies but at international ones as well. For more than seven years Laura has been conducting practical marketing, pricing, assortment training, corporate social responsibility and business planning workshops.
2nd topic. Analysing business environment 
LECTURER RAIMONDA KLIMAŠAUSKAITĖ - over 20 years of strategic management and business development experience in a variety of managerial positions in a variety of industries such as RE development, acquisition, food retail & wholesale, technical equipment trading, furniture and food manufacturing, service and healthcare, clothing retail and wholesale. Raimonda is co-founder of the start-up company which have created two innovative products under the brand names SPYNDI and SPYNTEX.
3rd topic. Outlining main business activities 
LECTURER IRENA BAGDONAITĖ has more than twenty years of experience in #B2B sales. Having worked as a sales manager for many years in large multinational companies a couple of years ago she founded her own business in the field of clothing. She sells her services to Lithuanian and foreign companies. Irena shares her experience leading B2B training, consulting sales teams and mentoring sales professionals.
4th topic. Forecasting financial projections 
LECTURER ASTA KAMANDULIENĖ - experienced expert in financial management and economic analysis, more than ten years worked in different Lithuanian and foreign capital holdings. Current holding positions – Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company which specializes in agro sector, lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University (Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas). Research Field: Financial Risk Management and Performance Measurement Systems and Instruments.
5th topic. Creating marketing plan 

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