CREAzone Reinvent Conference

CREAzone Reinvent Conference

After the final stage of DESING IT - Demo Day, CREAzone Reinvent comes together in Liepaja to the two days conference to exchange youth entrepreneurship development experience and collect ideas and suggestions for next CREAzone stages.

Main aim of this conferences is to share best practices of implementation of the “CREAzone 2.0” project with relevant stakeholders, to analyze critical situations and gather input on better handling the youth entrepreneurship promotion, to discuss about the application of the tools and techniques of the “CREAzone” methodology in other organizations. The conference will consist both of lectures and of workshops. Participants will be motivated not only to comment on the methodology, but also to provide ideas and even to commit to implements all or some of the “CREAzone” activities in their own organizations.

40 reps of stakeholders, playing role in promoting youth entrepreneurship (business promotion institutions, municipalities, governmental  and educational institutions, business associations, NGO’s etc.) from Lithuania and Latvia will be participating in the conference. Conference will be moderated by one of the most well know Latvian entrepreneurs Artis Daugins, founder of electric Go-carts company Blue Shock Race.

First day of the conference will be held in Liepāja Olympic Centre Sun hall. The agenda of the first day you can find here: Agenda - First day

CREAzone Reinvent project representative Edita Sinkevice will start the conference with introducing CREAzone methodology, presenting the results, achievements and future plans of the project.

Shortly after that head of Creative business incubator RISEBA Iveta Cīrule will share her experience with University of RISEBA Creative business incubator training program and their training programs Open innovation for entrepreneurial thinking methodology and results.

After lunch participants will come back to listen Design Elevator representative and leading design partner Charles Bušmanis. Design Elevator latest product is design thinking toolkit for different way of business modeling. It’s currently being used by more than 200 startups, small and large companies in Latvia – from bee keepers and hair dressers, to international companies with more than 3000 employees.

The first day of conference will end with Gints Reķēns, head of Liepaja Business incubator (Investment and Development agency of Latvia) who will share his experience on working with local environment development for young Liepaja region entrepreneurs, as well as his previous experience studying and working in business development sector in United Kingdom.

The second day of conference will be hosted by Coworking Liepaja. The agenda of the second day you can find here: Agenda - Second day

Day will start with head of Ventspils University Business Academy Guntis Čoders introducing participants with things we mostly forget working with young entrepreneurs. Guntis Čoders has 10 years of experience in sales and 7 years of experience in IT sector as founder of several Start Up companies - well know as CEO of Walmoo. Guntis experience is formed by achievements like attracted private funding in crowdfunding platforms, experience taking a part in business accelerator program, attracted 200 000 Euro venture capital etc.

For the last few years Guntis Čoders works with Start Up companies as mentor and leading manager of different business incubator programs in Ventspils.

After networking coffee participants will be called back to 20 years old founder of drone producing company AirBoard CEO Elviss Straupenieks story about experience living last two years in Silicon Valley.

Elviss Straupenieks, by Nordic Business Forums mind one of the most promising Northern Europe young entrepreneurs bellow 25 years of age will introduce conference participants with Silicion Valley as world’s leading Start Up and technologies hub and things Baltic region business development organizations should learn from California partners to implement in our Start Up sector development.

The final stages of CREAzone Reinvent conference will approach by panel discussion “Things I learn creating Start Up” to show in business development sector working leaders things young entrepreneurs struggle starting their first business and ideas they would like to see from incubators, universities and governments as tools for faster growing.

Two days conference will end with workshop “Looking for the future of youth entrepreneurship development technologies”, to structure new ideas and suggestions from entrepreneurs as tools for future CREAzone Reinvent stages.

Let’s meet in Liepaja for CREAzone Reinvent DESIGN IT closing conference to share and exchange ideas and thoughts for brighter future of Lithuanian and Latvian Start Up culture development via CREAzone Reinvent!

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