Counting all in all – Methodology of the project Creazone Reinvent

    The start-up ecosystem offers different opportunities and support activities for individuals who want to start and establish a business, for instance, business incubators and different accelerator programs. However, in order to benefit from these opportunities’ requirements like an already established enterprise, a working team and/or prototype, or at least a validated business idea is required. Individuals, who are still looking for the right business idea or its validation, cannot make use of these tools and are limited to activities like hackathons. While technically hackathons are an excellent ideation and team formation instrument, they are short-lived, often wilfully divorced from reality and after event’s feverish pace, there are rarely any follow-up actions. Moreover, due to hackathons’ short run-time, participants’ lack of core entrepreneurial knowledge and technical expertise often goes unnoticed which in most cases mean that teams will not be able to validate and follow through with their business idea.

   This is where the CREAzone fills an important gap between motivated individuals without the right idea, team or the entrepreneurial experience and start-up ecosystem players that are lacking the particular elements. The CREAzone Methodology described in the following chapters will allow you to set-up an entrepreneurial program, based on a validated methodology that promotes entrepreneurial thinking, communicates core entrepreneurial and business knowledge and encourages creation of business ideas and teams.

The main aspects and strengths of the CREAzone Methodology are:

  • Runtime - the Program is executed during a period of 6 up to 12 months.
  • Participants - CREAzone is inclusive and can be set-up to allow participation from any background and experience, making use of the Medici Effect.
  • Mentorship - throughout the Program dedicated mentors guide and work with the participants side-by-side. Mentors are facilitated both from education organizations and the business environment.
  • Phases - The Program is structured in six separate phases, where each phase focuses on different core entrepreneurial knowledge and activities.
  • Funnels and carrots - CREAzone utilizes a funnel system, where only the most motivated participants move to the next phase. Carrots, on the other hand, are a point system, that allows motivated participants to acquire more points in order to move to the next phase.

  • Synergies - this methodology allows for many collaborations within the start-up ecosystem that allows creation of a more profound impact by the created Program.

The here described CREAzone Methodology will guide you through all steps involved in creating an entrepreneurship Program, explaining core aspects, training and what should be achieved after each phase.

The aim of the CREAzone Methodology is to be the key support and educational instrument in the entrepreneurial environment and provide different organizations a set of proven tools, processes and insights for promoting entrepreneurship, increasing entrepreneurial thinking and business creation.

See the full version of the program – Methodology of the project Creazone Reinvent

This methodology has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this methodology are the sole responsibility of Ventspils Augstskola (Ventspils University of Applied Sciences) and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

Project LLI-186 “CREAzone 2.0.” is implemented under the Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 which aims to contribute to the sustainable and cohesive socio-economic development of the Programme regions by helping to make them competitive and attractive for living, working and visiting.
More information can be found at or the official European Union portal .
"CREAzone 2.0” or CREAzone 2.0 Reinvent aims to create viable business and ensure long-term employment growth in the border regions of Lithuania and Latvia by combining modern business ideas and traditional business models. By using methodology improved during “CREAzone 1.0”, this project seeks to reduce disproportionately high levels of unemployment (as compared to the major cities), especially among young people, in targeted program regions. Project goal is to create new viable businesses and secure jobs for people in target areas by encouraging entrepreneurship among young people, motivating them to discover incomplete local sector potential by providing multi-faceted assistance, counselling and training.

Project results:
To create new business opportunities in traditional industries in the Lithuanian-Latvian cross-border region by knowledge economy driven promotion of youth entrepreneurship in accordance with “CREAzone” methodology as well as to build an alliance of stakeholders, who are determined to create long-term collaboration on promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

Project funding:
This project is funded by the European Union. Total project size is 939 115,17 EUR.
Out of them co-funding of European Regional Development Fund is 798 247,88 EUR.
Period of project implementation:
01.04.2017 - 31.03.2020

Should you be interested in learning more about CREAzone or require specific materials for training and/or activities or support in setting up a CREAzone Program, please get in touch with Program partners.

Project coordinator:
Kaunas University of Technology
K. Donelaičio Str. 73, Kaunas LT-44249, Lithuania
Contact person: Gintarė Ambrozaitytė,, +37063017867

Project partners:
Lithuanian Business Confederation
Gedimino av. 2/1 - 28, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania
Contact person: Gabrielė Gaubienė., +370 5 212 1111

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
Inženieru Str. 101, Ventspils LV-3601, Latvia
Contact person: Egita Udodova,, +37163629650

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kr. Valdemara Str. 35, Riga LV-1010, Latvia
Contact person: Jurijs Dubatovka,, + 371 26514077

When using CREAzone 2.0 Reinvent methodology in entrepreneurship training program development, please refer as follows: This entrepreneurship training program is based on CREAzone 2.0 Reinvent methodology that was developed during Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania Programme
2014-2020 project LLI-186 “CREAzone 2.0” implementation.

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